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The Power of High-Speed Internet Extends Further Than We Ever Realize

Being wireless offers another choice for people everywhere to connect to each other and to all the resources at hand with a smart device and the Internet.  The Internet has broken down boundaries across all spectrums of life by enabling smooth, near-instantaneous communication anywhere, anytime and has opened the door to innovations that are transforming and improving our lives every day.   A recent story in PopSci  recounts how two men, 10,000 miles apart, were able to exchange ideas over emails and Skype sessions before meeting in person to construct a prosthetic hand that would significantly improve the quality of life for Liam, a 5-year-old boy in South Africa.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where there would be any barriers to ensuring magical stories like Liam’s, but the reality is that in order to drive this boundless technological innovation, we should take nothing for granted.  In the same way that economic development officials in many states are putting their best foot forward to attract and then grow the technology industry within their borders, we must be conscientious of public policy that encourages or restrains innovation.  Communication is a keystone of good business.  Industry and government must work together to ensure the build out of state of the art broadband networks so that innovation can continue to astound us.

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