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The Pacific Northwest is Topping the Digital Charts

Competition in the high-tech sector isn’t limited to angel investors and filing patents.  Texas Governor Rick Perry made waves last month when he was deployed to California in an attempt to lure companies to the Lone Star State.  An Oregon official believes Texas’ economic trolling development extends to his state as well.

What does it take for a state to be competitive in the technology industry?  Probably talent, quality of life and infrastructure to name a few, and let’s be honest, those are probably factors that are influential in attracting most industries.  Some states are able to double down with friendly business environments and policies that anticipate the need for modern (IP) infrastructure worthy of a global economy.  Setting aside the superior natural beauty that is the Pacific Northwest, is there anything else that gives our region an edge?

StateTech used Akamai’s quarterly “State of the Internet” report to illustrate that Washington and Oregon are both in the top 15 for connection speed to the Internet.  And the Application Developers Alliance named both Washington (#1) and Oregon (#4) in the top 5 of app “intensity” states, meaning that the average percentage of app economy jobs is a higher share of the total jobs in the state.

It means our corner of the country has a significant role in a larger story – the migration of an increasing number of Americans to a wireless lifestyle.

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