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Mobile Technology: Transforming Healthcare for the Hispanic Community

Tom Gurr, Elena Rios and Gale Castillo - PacTech - websitePacTech partnered with the Technology Association of Oregon and the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce of Oregon for an exciting event highlighting mobile technologies in health care on February 25th. Dr. Elena Rios, CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association, discussed some of these innovations and addressed the role that mobile technologies can play in health care, particularly for many underserved communities. Cutting-edge gadgets, devices, and apps are now available to provide new choices that help both medical professionals and patients achieve better results. Countless similar advancements are in development, but this is yet another example of where modernizing public policy can help pave the way for new innovations that make people’s lives better.

Elena Rios - PacTech - websiteAnd again, this is too important not to act. For example, Latinos are early, rapid adopters of mobile connectivity. Advances in mHealth offer countless opportunities for better health and wellness and for more convenient, cost-effective care. How can we ensure that health care innovations benefit consumers in all communities? If you’ve been paying attention, the answer won’t surprise you: policies that promote infrastructure investment will spur innovation and deliver more choices to all consumers.

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