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Building and Funding a Nationwide Public Safety Communications Network

On February 20th, we hosted Dr. George Ford, an economist with the Phoenix Center, for an event titled “Building and Funding a Nationwide Public Safety Communications Network.” Participants learned about how vital next-generation broadband networks are for our nation’s first responders and law enforcement officers. Modern infrastructure facilitates easy communication and coordination efforts across jurisdictions and between various agencies and first responders, even during a large-scale emergency or natural disaster.

The advantages to life and limb that an advanced, interoperable nationwide public safety broadband-based network (known as FirstNet) offers to people who need help are clear; the consequences of continued reliance on obsolete communications infrastructure are also apparent. Without modern regulations in place that prioritize private investment, free-up spectrum through open and fair incentive auctions, and drive tech innovation, FirstNet may never materialize. There is too much at stake to let that happen. I’m pleased to report that our event resulted in constructive conversations among our region’s lawmakers, public safety officials, and stakeholders, and those conversations quickly focused on funding and investment.

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