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All Consumers Benefit from Smart Rules

Smart consumers are quick to recognize when specific technologies can benefit them.  Here in the Seattle area, we have a lot of these tech-savvy individuals; certainly many were drawn to this region partly for our booming tech sector.  But no matter where they live, such “early adopter” types take on new technologies and sophisticated devices at an incredible pace.  They quickly learn how to maximize the benefits of those innovations, and they use them to accomplish tasks, find information, solve problems, and, of course, to communicate—often while out and about.

And in turn, these in-the-know consumers help fuel demand, leading to continued innovation and enabling the development of more electronics and devices that benefit all kinds of people, including those who might be described as something other than tech-savvy.  We’ve all seen this evolution of technology and the resulting increased demand play out again and again, and from our position in the Pacific Northwest, we can see and experience this cycle from the front row.  But even though the majority of consumers throughout the country understand how to use and benefit from a variety of devices and technologies, not many people grasp the key role that regulations play or the importance of emerging technologies that can transform our lives in real and important ways.

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