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The Internet has revolutionized society and sparked entire industries and inventions that have driven economic growth and job creation.  Achievements in the high-tech world don’t just come from computer scientists and engineers.  People like you and me may gain a few minutes of valuable time with our families because of connectivity at home that lets us get out of the office.  It may save us a few bucks at the doctor’s office because of self-diagnostics via telemedicine apps at a time and place of our choosing.  Whether you read it in a report or simply take a look around you, it is evident that we are becoming better connected and more reliant on technology.

Our region has a long and proud legacy of creation and innovation.  Many people still say, “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going.”  We can assume Governor Perry and others like him will come calling in an attempt to peel away some of the success we’ve grown here at home.  So we must be diligent.  Our elected leaders can play a role in updating any regulations that could better support companies who want to invest in and grow in our region.  If they’re all looking forward, then the rest of us can just strap in and hold on.

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