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Wireless Over-Regulation

Another word of caution on over-regulation in a recent study performed in Washington.

Customer satisfaction of wireless services is at an all time high – 93% of Americans are satisfied* and revenue per minute of wireless service is lower than nearly every developed countyr in the world. Only Hong Kong can claim a lower rate**. We have more choices in our wireless devices, features, calling plans and we pay less than nearly every country in the world. A lightly-regulated wireless market has successfully delivered innovative technology and flexible contract terms. The Washington Policy Center ( recently studied the issue and came to the same conclusions; we have linked to their study below. Overregulation of this critical industry will only serve to damage wireless consumers and we intend to oppose any measure that goes too far. *Source: **Source:CTIA FCC Filing January 2008

WPC-Wireless Regulatory Environment-1-08.pdf

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