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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an identification method relying on storing and retrieving date from electronic “tags”. It is also a growing and important technology that has wide ranging applications for all aspects of businesses. From retailers to local governments the cost savings and practical applications are endless; from monitoring and tracking inventory to collecting road and bridge tolls without ever having to stop a car. Additionally,RFID technology also has some important and often overlooked applications. For example, primary schools in Osaka Japan are now using RFID tags to monitor children while at school to ensure their safety, the state of Texas just introduced a program to monitor special needs evacuees during natural disasters and several car makers use RFID-equipped ignition keys as an anti-theft measure.

The bottom line is RFID is not just a practical business technology, it’s has wide ranging positive applications. It is a technology clearly on the rise. However, it does have some public policy implications and there are some who would like to see it heavily regulated and monitored. We feel that could destroy an important technology before it ever reached its true potential.

Below are some are some articles demostrating the potential for RFID

The State of Texas uses RFID to track special needs evacuees in natural disasters

Wegmans Eyeing RFID for Prescription Management

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