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October 2010 Newsletter

Recent Rural Broadband Summit — A huge success!

PacTech recently co-hosted with the Greater Wenatchee Area Technology Alliance (GWATA) the Rural Broadband: Fast Track to Our Future summit in Moses Lake, WA. Broadband today has become as essential for the economic growth of a community as electricity and roads once were. From rural to urban everyone stands to benefit from the further deployment of high speed networks. We gathered a great crowd in Moses Lake to highlight the importance of broadband for healthcare, education, public safety and agriculture. Our goal was to examine how we can facilitate further broadband deployment throughout this rural community.

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PacTech: Does the FCC Need to Rescue the Internet?

Is the Internet broken? It appears the FCC would like you to believe that it is. They are in the midst of pursuing an aggressive regulatory overhaul to “fix” the Internet that we all use and enjoy today. But the courts won’t give the FCC the regulatory authority it wants and it looks like Congress is not in a hurry to do it either. So the FCC has decided to make an end-run around the courts and Congress to re-classify the Internet as a “telecommunications service” in order to apply regulations to the World Wide Web that were designed for rotary telephone service in the 1930s.

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A new study indicates 2 billion will be online by year’s end

Nearly 2 billion people will be online by the end of the year, an increase in 600 million users over the past year alone, according to The International Telecommunications Union (ITU):

“According to a just-released statistical analysis, home Internet worldwide users have increased from 1.4 billion to almost 1.6 billion in the last year. There still remains a huge regional gap, with Europe at 65% penetration and Africa at 9.6%, obviously a factor of geography as well as other issues. The Americas, which are listed together, are at 55%.”

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Election Day is coming

Make sure you are ready to get out and vote. If you are in Washington, visit MyVote to learn more. If you are in Oregon you can get more information at the Secretary of State’s website. Or you can check out VoterHub, the latest voter mobile application that provides free, on-the-go voter information.

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