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Growing debate over cell phone taxes

We have seen many local governments throughout the region threaten to delay innovation, reduce choice and increase costs for consumers by seeking to increase local taxes and fees for wireless service. It’s gotten so bad that the former Mayor of Corvallis, OR was concerned by the fact that she had too many college students in her town that she could not tax because they had out of area cell phone numbers! (Read the article)

Fortunately, we have been able to react and stop most cities before they were successful. We still need to be vigilant and ready to react. Please sign up for PacTech’s regular update and we’ll keep you posted on issues like this and many others.

In Oregon, several cities have been trying to find a way to tax cell phones.

From The Gazette-Times in May of 2005 about Portland’s effort:
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From The Daily Barometer piece May of 2006 about Corvallis’ effort. A Corvallis city official was quoted in the story lamenting that the city wouldn’t be able to get the tax from Oregon State University students because most of them had zip codes outside of Corvallis. Incidentally, this effort was shot down by voters in a special election.
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An organization called City Mayors described as “an international network of professionals working together to promote strong and prosperous cities as well as good local government” wrote this article in June of 2005.
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