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July 2015 Newsletter


PacTech Applauds Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR),
#InternetTaxFreedom Advocate

New on the PacTech blog: We applaud Sen. Wyden’s leadership on ITFA Renewal


I think we entered the Age of the Internet a long time ago. We live in the age of the Internet. It almost goes without saying that Internet is central to our daily lives. Connectivity is a seemingly seamless part of our existence. Today it would be hard to imagine a world where the Internet isn’t at the center of everything from healthcare and education to the business world. The Internet is at once a lifesaving technology, a gateway to business opportunity and a social network… Read More

The Hill: The right thing: Protect the Internet

An important bill for American consumers has arrived in the Senate.  Senators can vote to protect consumers by passing The Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act (S. 431).  It is a clean, straightforward bill that tracks the consumers interest and it deserves quick consideration and handling. Last year, a similar bill reached the Senate after arriving from the House, but the bill never moved.  This year, the Senate needs to do the right thing and give the bill the consideration it deserves, including an up or down vote.  There is too much as stake in terms of job creation and increased consumer benefits…Read More

Resources from around the web: What is the Internet Tax Freedom Act? Read the text of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

PriceWaterhouseCoopers: Tax insights on the extension of the ITFA

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