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Internet Tax Moratorium

In 1998 the Internet Tax Moratorium was signed into law, and it has required an extension every few years. The most recent extension (2003) was set to expire on November 1st of this year.

There is no doubt this tax moratorium has driven the growth of the internet, just look at where the internet has come since 1998. This policy has reduced the digital divide, driven innovation and improved our overall economy enormously. Internet use is growing at an astounding rate and new services and content become available to consumers everyday. With this in mind, we are thrilled to inform you that the Internet Tax Moratorium has been extended for seven more years. On Tuesday (October 30, 2007) the House voted 402-0 to extend the vital moratorium which was set to expire on November 1st. We applaud the bipartisan leadership in both the House and the Senate for keeping technology free of government barriers to innovation and competition. This is no time for the government to be creating roadblocks which will only impede the progress, growth and availability of the internet.

Read about the extension of the Internet Tax Moratorium in some of the local papers:

The Seattle Times Internet Access Tax Ban Passes House, goes to President

The Oregonian Congress extends Internet access tax ban for 7 years

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