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PacTech applauds Sen. Wyden’s leadership on ITFA renewal

By: Tom Gurr, Executive Director, PacTech

I think we entered the Age of the Internet a long time ago.
We live in the age of the Internet. It almost goes without saying that Internet is central to our daily lives. Connectivity is a seemingly seamless part of our existence. Today it would be hard to imagine a world where the Internet isn’t at the center of everything from healthcare and education to the business world. The Internet is at once …

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an identification method relying on storing and retrieving date from electronic “tags”. It is also a growing and important technology that has wide ranging applications for all aspects of businesses. From retailers to local governments the cost savings and practical applications are endless; from monitoring and tracking inventory to collecting road and bridge tolls without ever having to stop a car. Additionally,RFID technology also has some important and often overlooked applications. For example, primary schools in …

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