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Local Taxes & Regulations

PacTech applauds Sen. Wyden’s leadership on ITFA renewal

By: Tom Gurr, Executive Director, PacTech

I think we entered the Age of the Internet a long time ago.
We live in the age of the Internet. It almost goes without saying that Internet is central to our daily lives. Connectivity is a seemingly seamless part of our existence. Today it would be hard to imagine a world where the Internet isn’t at the center of everything from healthcare and education to the business world. The Internet is at once …

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The Open Internet: A Light Approach is the Right Approach


So far, the FCC has received a record-setting 3 million comments on the Open Internet proceeding; the Commission will take these comments into account as they decide on rules that will impact the continued growth of the Internet. And just a few weeks ago, the Internet surpassed a major landmark: There are now over a billion websites, up from just one in 1991.

These astounding numbers reveal the value Internet users and innovators place on what was …

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Letter to the Editor: Wireless Technology

In a recent letter to the Editor at the Oregonian I talked about the importance that wireless technology plays in our lives every day and more importantly the potential it has to improve our lives in the future.

Read our full Letter below and visit the Oregonian for all the latest news on technology and innovation in Oregon.

Consumers today are dependent on wireless, but how important is it?

Some facts:

Economic growth: “The wireless industry directly/indirectly employs more than …

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Senator Wyden re-introduces the Mobile Tax Fairness Act

On March 10, Senator Wyden re-introduced the Mobile Tax Fairness Act saying, “policies should be encouraging new innovations in these technologies not holding them back.” The Act will institute a five year moratorium on new taxes on mobile service from state and local governments.…

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Olympia testimony in opposition to new taxes on wireless technology in Washington

SB 5441 Will create new taxing authority for counties in Washington allowing them to heap even more taxes on wireless technology.…

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WA consumers pay highest wireless taxes in the country

WA now has the highest wireless tax rate in the country at 23.64%. Keep in mind, King County wants more. They’re asking the legislature for additional taxing authority on utilities — including your cell phone.…

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Women Impacting Public Policy Healthcare Event

Join us for the Healthcare: Policy, Trends and Opportunities Event – in Seattle, WA on July 8th. The event is hosted by Women Impacting Public Policy and will be an in-depth look at the new healthcare law, trends and opportunities for business and innovation in the healthcare sector.

To learn more & register click here

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Internet oversight is needed, but not in the form of FCC regulation

The WA Post nails it here – a “light regulatory approach…” & “Transparency and predictability are essential…”


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Roseburg council may add telecom charges

Roseburg residents may see new charges on their telephone & internet bill…

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Growing debate over cell phone taxes

We have seen many local governments throughout the region threaten to delay innovation, reduce choice and increase costs for consumers by seeking to increase local taxes and fees for wireless service. It’s gotten so bad that the former Mayor of Corvallis, OR was concerned by the fact that she had too many college students in her town that she could not tax because they had out of area cell phone numbers! (Read the article)…

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