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Internet unburdened by regulation can do great things for healthcare delivery by Tom Gurr

In this divisive election, the debate over the cost of providing healthcare is top of mind among many voters. But while slogans and sound bites reign supreme over this important issue, there have been exciting new developments that will help the future of delivering high-quality healthcare to everyone at affordable cost. Twenty-first century technology can address old healthcare problems. Beyond promising advances in medical science, including testing and treatment, technology offers the opportunity to streamline costly administration and to remotely …

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Oregon’s digital future tied to avoiding regulation mistakes

Recent Post on the Oregon Business Report

August 13, 2012

“Light Touch” Internet Regulation is the Key to Oregon’s Digital Future

By Tom Gurr, Pacific Technology Alliance

A recent article in The Oregonian touted Oregon’s booming tech sector while simultaneously issuing a warning of its “schizophrenic state.” The article demonstrates that Silicon Forest has shown much promise; venture capital investments in both tech startups and larger companies have soared in the last year. However, the challenge remains to develop the

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High speed broadband can spur success in Montana

BY: Jess Peterson

The arrival of high-speed broadband access to the Internet is having the same effect on rural America as the arrival of electricity and telephone service: It is transformational.

Unlike businesspeople in urban areas where sources of information are plentiful and the ability to reach a client or colleague might be as simple as walking down the street to their office, those of us who live in rural communities have had to rely on scattered service and dial-up …

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Photos of Luncheon with U.S. Senator Max Baucus

On March 9th PacTech hosted a meeting with US Senator Max Baucus. Along with several Montana-based PacTech members, we met with Senator Baucus to thank him for his leadership on a key technology issue. In February Senator Baucus was a lead negotiator on bi-partisan legislation that will make more wireless capacity available for mobile broadband applications.

In a follow up to that meeting a PacTech-penned opinion editorial ran in the Great Falls Tribune highlighting Senator Baucus’ leadership, “Let’s Keep

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17 Million Children Lack Broadband at Home — Many of Them in Low Income Households

Broadband has the potential to be the “great equalizer” in our society (to quote FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski) – but unequal adoption and use of broadband can institutionalize economic and social inequality.  If nearly two-thirds of low-income minority households do not have broadband at home, what does that mean for their educational and employment prospects five and ten years from now?


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Access to Broadband Generates Economic Growth

According to CTIA, every dollar spent on wireless Internet generates $7-$10 for US GDP.  Access to more wireless spectrum will drive economic growth: CTIA Letter.…

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Have we turned a corner in the Net Neutrality debate?

In the last few years the discussion over Net Neutrality has been quite heated. Some have claimed the internet must be “free and open” and cannot be burdened with regulation. Others worry the system is broken and the internet as we know it is on the precipice of failure, and must be saved with a stringent regulatory approach. Until a few days ago, it appeared the FCC had bought into the latter notion. For the last year they’ve sought to …

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$54 Million for Broadband in Washington

Great news for Washington. Broadband brings more jobs, improves public safety, healthcare and education. According to Connected Nation improved broadband represents over $3 billion in economic impacts for Washington, $1.6 billion for Oregon and $565 million for Idaho. Better and faster internet is a win-win for the Northwest.…

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Can we trust the FCC to regulate the internet?

The FCC’s track record is pretty clear. From objectionable song lyrics, to shock radio programs, what the FCC decides they don’t like they simply regulate and drive it out. Now some want them to regulate the internet. Seriously?

Read the whole story here

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Will regualtion improve access to broadband?

How does government regulation of the Internet modeled after telephone laws from 1930’s expedite or improve access? What is the problem that is being fixed by the FCC’s involvement in the Internet?

FCC to US Court of Appeals: Drop Dead!

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