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PacTech Picks: Top 5 Can’t-Miss Innovation Events in Washington and Oregon

The Pacific Northwest isn’t lacking for ways to engage with the tech community and attending events can be the fastest and easiest way to network with entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts in the area. This is just a small sampling of the many opportunities to get involved. Here are PacTech’s top five picks for tech events in Washington and Oregon.

Tech Alliance State of Technology Luncheon (Annually in Seattle)

The State of Technology Luncheon brings together nearly 1,000 leaders from business, …

April 12, 2016 in Blog by

Representative Suzan DelBene stands up for our innovation economy, supports STEM programs

By: Tom Gurr, Executive Director, PacTech

In the Pacific Northwest, many of our Congressional members are fierce and vocal advocates for the tech community. Oregon’s Senator Wyden and Representative Walden and Washington Senators Cantwell and Murray consistently make headlines for their tech leadership and are proactive in seeking input from tech companies across the region. Whether we’re advocating for light-tough regulation or freedom from Internet taxation, this region has an accessible, focused and bi-partisan group of federal legislators who get …

March 9, 2016 in Blog by

Sen. Wyden’s impact unsung in Telecom Act’s 20th anniversary

By: Tom Gurr, Executive Director, PacTech

It’s been 20 years since Congress created the Telecommunications Act of 1996—a massive legislative effort that was crafted to overhaul regulation of our phone and Internet infrastructure. In those 20 years, the Internet has evolved from a cutting edge tool to a ubiquitous and powerful force that’s a part of everyday life.

Although the times have changed dramatically, one of the key players has remained the same. In 1996, now Senator Ron Wyden was …

February 18, 2016 in Articles, Blog, Featured Story by

In the news: Computer and technology use in education buildings continues to increase

By: Tom Gurr

At PacTech, we often share stories of how the widespread use of technology – driven by access to broadband – is changing our world. It’s obvious that our educational system is included in that trend, but what might not be obvious is that education is outpacing other industries in the adoption of digital tools and its use of computers.


A recent study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that educational buildings hold nearly twice as many …

February 9, 2016 in Blog by

Around the Web: Cybercriminal or Ethical Hacker?

By: Tom Gurr, Executive Director, PacTech

Working with both policy and technology can sometimes be a double-edged sword. In working to create policy that encourages innovation and job creation, it’s easy to become overzealous. When this happens, policy (and policymakers) can have the opposite effect of what they’ve intended–hampering the innovation and curbing the job creation that they’ve tried to support.

Perhaps the most important piece of this puzzle is the patience and willingness to listen with which lawmakers enter …

January 20, 2016 in Articles, Blog, Featured Story by

PacTech hosts Rep. Greg Walden

In October, PacTech was proud to convene an exciting roundtable discussion with U.S. Representative Greg Walden (OR-2). Since 1999, Rep. Walden has served on behalf of the largest district in Oregon, which covers many of the rural areas of the state.

For many, it may seem an odd choice to hold a tech-centric event outside of a major urban area, but those people have never been to Prineville, OR. The St. Charles Health Center in Prineville hosted our event, which …

November 3, 2015 in Blog by

A Day in the Life: PacTech and Mobile Future team up to criss-cross the Beaver State

While our work at PacTech is always engaging, last month brought a particularly action-packed day. When we heard that Jonathan Spalter, Chair of Mobile Future, was planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, we jumped at the chance to bring mobile technology to the forefront of our regional tech discussions.

We started the day in Salem, meeting with State Representative Jessica Vega-Pederson. Rep. Vega-Pederson has been a consistent advocate for the tech industry across the state, which is why she …

October 27, 2015 in Blog by

PacTech applauds Sen. Wyden’s leadership on ITFA renewal

By: Tom Gurr, Executive Director, PacTech

I think we entered the Age of the Internet a long time ago.
We live in the age of the Internet. It almost goes without saying that Internet is central to our daily lives. Connectivity is a seemingly seamless part of our existence. Today it would be hard to imagine a world where the Internet isn’t at the center of everything from healthcare and education to the business world. The Internet is at once …

May 15, 2015 in Articles, Blog, Broadband Revolution, Featured Story, Internet Tax Moratorium, Local Taxes & Regulations, Next Generation Networks, Opinions, Other Technologies, RFID, Rural Access, Smart Networks, Spectrum, Uncategorized, Wireless Explosion by

FCC’s decision has far reaching impacts


The ink, as they say, isn’t yet dry on the FCC’s decision to apply outdated, sweeping regulations to the internet. But unfortunately, last week’s vote on the so-called “net neutrality” debate may have already sealed the fate of hundreds of innovative companies that depend on the internet to create jobs and drive our regional economy.

Reputable research has found that applying antiquated regulations to the internet will jeopardize investment in our networks. As we move further in …

March 6, 2015 in Articles, Blog, Broadband Revolution, Events, Featured Story, Internet Tax Moratorium, Next Generation Networks, Opinions, Rural Access, Smart Networks, Wireless Explosion by

The Open Internet: A Light Approach is the Right Approach


So far, the FCC has received a record-setting 3 million comments on the Open Internet proceeding; the Commission will take these comments into account as they decide on rules that will impact the continued growth of the Internet. And just a few weeks ago, the Internet surpassed a major landmark: There are now over a billion websites, up from just one in 1991.

These astounding numbers reveal the value Internet users and innovators place on what was …

October 27, 2014 in Articles, Blog, Broadband Revolution, Featured Story, Local Taxes & Regulations, Next Generation Networks, Opinions, Rural Access by

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