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Smartphone use today is exploding.  According to numbers recently released from Mobile Future, since 2009, the number of adults that own a smartphone has increase 180 percent!  And 44 percent of Americans now own a tablet.  Health IT companies have been capitalizing on this trend by developing apps to make health care more accessible and efficient.  In some communities, health care access can be challenging and expensive, but mobile technology can be the bridge to care in many of those …

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Letter to the Editor: Wireless Technology

In a recent letter to the Editor at the Oregonian I talked about the importance that wireless technology plays in our lives every day and more importantly the potential it has to improve our lives in the future.

Read our full Letter below and visit the Oregonian for all the latest news on technology and innovation in Oregon.

Consumers today are dependent on wireless, but how important is it?

Some facts:

Economic growth: “The wireless industry directly/indirectly employs more than …

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Mobile Future Webinar: Money, Brains and Broadband

Did you know we reach for our smartphones about 150 times per day?  Me neither.

I learned this in the recent Money, Brains and Broadband webinar offered by Mobile Future.  The takeaway was simple: consumers now have the ability to connect to products and services from anywhere at any time, so as a business, you better be mobile if you want to survive and succeed.  And that’s not just in urban areas; 29 percent of all Americans now live in …

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Washington Consumers Taking the Digital Reigns to Improve Their Lives

Impressive economic development is just one benefit of today’s tech innovations. Consumers in Washington have embraced technologies that deliver easier access to educational opportunities and cost-efficient health care. Innovations that can build stronger communities and encourage civic engagement are also gaining in popularity.

Washingtonians now have access to a resource that connects them with fellow citizens and facilitates civil discourse. The Living Voters Guide is a community-generated online voters’ guide to statewide ballot measures and initiatives. Developed through a partnership …

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Seattle Times Op-ed: Expanding wireless spectrum can address rural health-care disparities

By allocating more spectrum for wireless networks, Congress would address disparities in health care in rural and underserved areas, writes guest columnist Sailesh Chutani.

By Sailesh Chutani

Special to The Times

THERE are encouraging signs that the U.S. government is getting serious about our digital future. Last month, Congress held a hearing to examine spectrum-management laws to ensure there’s adequate wireless-network capacity to meet skyrocketing consumer demand for data.

Spectrum makes up the cyberhighway that allows data traffic to move …

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Federal Funding Alone Can’t Deliver Wireless Broadband By Tom Gurr

Americans in urban and suburban areas take wireless service for granted. This is not so much so for those living in the rural and remote areas of the West where service is not always available. There are vast areas without 3G wireless coverage, much less the new 4G LTE technology. And because of the mountainous terrain and greater distances, people in some rural areas also lack reliable, high-speed wired Internet access.

There is some good news. The federal government has

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New report rates Washington at the top of booming applicaiton economy!

Thanks to the app economy, 519,000 jobs were created

Today, CTIA and the Application Developers Alliance released a report that found the app economy created 519,000 jobs across the country.

While the top 10 app economy job states may not be surprising, the economic impact must have been welcomed by all of these states. The figure next to each state is the economic impact, per million, each year:

  1. California = $8,241
  2. Washington = $2,671
  3. New York = $2,313
  4. Texas =

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Internet unburdened by regulation can do great things for healthcare delivery by Tom Gurr

In this divisive election, the debate over the cost of providing healthcare is top of mind among many voters. But while slogans and sound bites reign supreme over this important issue, there have been exciting new developments that will help the future of delivering high-quality healthcare to everyone at affordable cost. Twenty-first century technology can address old healthcare problems. Beyond promising advances in medical science, including testing and treatment, technology offers the opportunity to streamline costly administration and to remotely …

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Photos of “Wireless Technology: Delivering Innovation and Economic Growh Luncheon”

On April 9 PacTech hosted the “Wireless Technology: Delivering Innovation and Economic Growth” luncheon with the Pasco Chamber of Commerce. PacTech live-streamed Georgetown McDonough School of Business Professor and Telecom expert John Mayo. Professor Mayo discussed job growth in the new wireless economy.

Professor Mayo also submitted an opinion editorial to the Tri-City Herald, “Internet Access key for Rural Communities.”…

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Photos of Luncheon with U.S. Senator Max Baucus

On March 9th PacTech hosted a meeting with US Senator Max Baucus. Along with several Montana-based PacTech members, we met with Senator Baucus to thank him for his leadership on a key technology issue. In February Senator Baucus was a lead negotiator on bi-partisan legislation that will make more wireless capacity available for mobile broadband applications.

In a follow up to that meeting a PacTech-penned opinion editorial ran in the Great Falls Tribune highlighting Senator Baucus’ leadership, “Let’s Keep

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