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Wireless Explosion

Wireless technology has been on a steady rise for nearly two decades, but in the last few years we have seen a historic explosion in not only the availability and reliability of wireless technology, but in amazing advances in new technologies that operate wirelessly. For example, according to the 2006 CTIAWireless Industry Survey, cellular use has increased from 325,000 subscriber in 1985 to over 230,000,000 today. Business and personal users alike benefit from the convergence and innovation of features in wireless devices. We can do everything from sending email or text messages to downloading and watching movies or TV shows to uploading personal video clips, storing and listening to music files, browsing for sports scores on high-speed connections and talking on the phone. These advances come with major policy implications. We want policy makers to stay clear of policies that impact innovation and allow the wireless world to continue to develop.

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Some stories worth noting that clearly demonstrate the wireless market is working to improve products and services for consumers without government regulation

The Seattle PI — Study: Cell phone now most vital device
The Wall Street Journal — For Big Talkers, Wireless Firms Offer Flat Rates

Below is a chart from the Cellular Telecom and Internet Association; it clearly shows how wireless communication is outpacing other forms of communication. In one year, December 05 to December 06, wireless broadband connections grew by 60%, while all other forms fell.


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