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Modern Regulations Supporting Advanced Broadband Networks Deliver Unforeseen Possibilities

What a week for the Pacific Northwest! Not only did the Seattle Seahawks soar their way to their first Super Bowl win ever (GO HAWKS!), but the win had an impact on technology as well. Twitter reported a record 24.9 million tweets about the game posted during the telecast, with hashtags included in an unprecedented majority of commercials aired during the game. While the Seahawks’ 12th Man fans were celebrating their first Super Bowl, Facebook had an excuse for its own party as it turned 10 years old, and this month marked the 18th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the first federal law to spur competition and consumer choices in the communications marketplace.  Last, but not least, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a groundbreaking decision to allow testing trials for communications providers to begin transitioning from our nation’s aging voice-focused network and to continue building advanced nationwide high-speed Internet-based networks.

The FCC decision is a strong signal that our federal government understands that our nation needs to move toward all next-generation networks to give consumers the Internet-enabled apps and services they want and need.

But what does this all mean for us?  Technology innovation is moving at a blazing pace, and we’re reliant more than ever on Internet-based devices and services for all that modern connectivity delivers, from health care, to education, public safety, entertainment, and more.  Here at the Pacific Technology Alliance (PacTech), we’re focused on modern policies that create the right environment for broadband providers to meet our needs through private investment and innovation.  Smart public policy provides the foundation for advanced broadband networks which in turn empower consumers in an increasing number of ways in their daily lives.  This month, we’re looking forward to hosting two events that shine the spotlight on the exciting broadband-enabled possibilities in the public safety and health care spaces.

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