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Have we turned a corner in the Net Neutrality debate?

In the last few years the discussion over Net Neutrality has been quite heated. Some have claimed the internet must be “free and open” and cannot be burdened with regulation. Others worry the system is broken and the internet as we know it is on the precipice of failure, and must be saved with a stringent regulatory approach. Until a few days ago, it appeared the FCC had bought into the latter notion. For the last year they’ve sought to “reclassify” the internet and apply antiquated regulations that were designed for rotary telephone service in the 1930s, all in an effort to gain regulatory authority – a move that generated significant opposition from both sides of the aisle in Congress.

However, in a speech earlier this week FCC Chairman Genachowski seems to have recalibrated on Net Neutrality and appears to be seeking some common ground. He laid out the FCC’s forthcoming proposal on Net Neutrality and he highlighted some key goals. They would like to ensure innovation in both available content and network growth, maintain consumer protection, create market certainty and spur investment. And most importantly, they’ve moved away from efforts to “re-classify” the internet.

These are welcomed changes.

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