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Fast, reliable internet is key to rural economic success

By:  Tom Gurr, Executive Director, Pacific Technology Alliance

On June 23rd, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting in Weston, OR with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and U.S. Congressman Greg Walden.  The focus of conversation was on closing the digital divide between rural and urban areas, and the best policies to make that happen.  This is particularly important for areas like Eastern Oregon, as the state ranks 25th nationally in connectivity and is 14 percent underserved — much higher than the national average.

Earlier this year Rep. Walden convened hearings in the House on this issue. At the event, Chairman Pai discussed the impact of the FCC’s recent Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which protects an open internet and encourages the investment, also important to our rural communities.

As a follow-up to the event, I had a letter published by the East Oregonian, praising both leaders for the work they’re doing to close the digital divide.  Continuing to encourage broadband investment will be key in making this happen.  You can read the full article here.

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