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A message from the Director: July 2013

Consumers from all walks of life have adopted wireless devices and connectivity at an ever-increasing rate. It’s easy to understand why: These tools and resources deliver unprecedented options and access to a variety of key benefits. Families can stay in touch, professionals can work while on the go, individuals can locate quality health care, and students can find homework help—all from the power of these wireless networks.

In fact, 21st century life has become nearly synonymous with mobile connectivity. After all, this resource delivers important benefits to individuals and businesses, allowing them to save money, find new opportunities for growth, and access vital resources. But wireless connectivity also delivers exciting benefits to our communities and to society at large. These networks can improve communication between governments and citizens, enhance public safety, and increase overall civic engagement. Additionally, mobile connectivity can help people work together to build stronger communities and achieve societal goals together.

We have already begun to benefit from these essential innovations. For this progress to continue, it is crucial that our leaders recognize connectivity as a necessity for modern life and act to implement policies that reflect this reality.  These policies should encourage private investment in the building of advanced broadband networks able to deliver super-fast Internet and can carry the latest innovations for consumer use and enjoyment.

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