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NEWS ALERT: FCC Decision Blazes Path toward High-Speed Broadband Networks

News Alert: FCC Decision Blazes Path toward Transitioning the Nation to Advanced
High-Speed Broadband Networks

Last week, the FCC took a bold step toward a future of robust connectivity, innovation and more choices for consumers. The agency’s decision to begin beta testing the shift to advanced high-speed Internet-based networks is the first step in upgrading our country’s communications infrastructure. The ultimate result of this process? Universal broadband connectivity offering consumer benefits—more choices and enhanced capabilities—that can change the face of business, health care, education, and beyond.

Currently, outdated regulations require continued maintenance of the plain old telephone service networks, even though consumers have long indicated their preference for new and improved broadband options by dropping traditional landlines. Regulations that mandate an antiquated method for providing connections for consumers restrict investment in the innovations and the deployment of advanced broadband technologies that will power our future. And as FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai said after the FCC vote, “Every dollar that is spent maintaining the networks of yesterday is a dollar that can’t be invested in the networks of tomorrow … our goal should be to maximize investment in IP infrastructure so that high-speed broadband extends to every corner of the country.”

I agree: Expanding access and boosting private investment in next-generation networks is critical, and beta testing the transition can help get us there. This testing process will also provide opportunities for government and industry leaders to collaborate, to develop solutions, and to ensure consumer protections. I’m excited that the transition to advanced high-speed Internet-enabled networks is officially beginning, and that the FCC is so far providing forward-focused leadership on the effort. Ultimately, we will need a modern regulatory framework that encourages innovation and investment—and I think the FCC’s decision puts us on the right track.

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