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Mobile Future Webinar: Money, Brains and Broadband

Did you know we reach for our smartphones about 150 times per day?  Me neither.

I learned this in the recent Money, Brains and Broadband webinar offered by Mobile Future.  The takeaway was simple: consumers now have the ability to connect to products and services from anywhere at any time, so as a business, you better be mobile if you want to survive and succeed.  And that’s not just in urban areas; 29 percent of all Americans now live in rural communities.   Today tech investors want to know up front from business prospects: “How does mobile fit into your business plan?”   That dynamic requires that policymakers recognize how vital expanded mobile networks are for our continued economic growth.   Mobile is the key; it’s been integrated into healthcare, education, public safety, and no shock, it’s become a pillar of commerce as well.  Today, 98 percent of U.S. counties have at least one high-tech business.  It’s pretty clear that mobile broadband is as vital a tool for businesses as money and brains.

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