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Good Policy Matters

Smartphone use today is exploding.  According to numbers recently released from Mobile Future, since 2009, the number of adults that own a smartphone has increase 180 percent!  And 44 percent of Americans now own a tablet.  Health IT companies have been capitalizing on this trend by developing apps to make health care more accessible and efficient.  In some communities, health care access can be challenging and expensive, but mobile technology can be the bridge to care in many of those areas. Not only does mobility provide access, it also reduces the overall number of office and hospital visits, ultimately decreasing costs while improving quality of care.  Without question, mobile connectivity is a vital part of meeting our shared goals for access and efficiency of health care.  But high-speed networks have to be in place for consumers to realize the benefits of mobile health care.

I was at the WBBA’s Annual Life Sciences summit last week, where they hosted an impressive lineup of Washington companies breaking new ground in health IT.  Governor Inslee was the keynote speaker and his theme was simple – good policy matters.  I could not agree more, good policy DOES matter.  With advances in life sciences, promising local tech companies and growth of mobile health IT, now more than ever Washington needs good policy.  Yes, we need policies that facilitate new tech investments, but we’ve also got to drive critical modern network expansion to increase access to care – in every community.  Access to advanced high-speed broadband networks will improve quantity and quality of care AND provide the health IT sector a shot in the arm to continue to lead the way.

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