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FCC’s decision has far reaching impacts


The ink, as they say, isn’t yet dry on the FCC’s decision to apply outdated, sweeping regulations to the internet. But unfortunately, last week’s vote on the so-called “net neutrality” debate may have already sealed the fate of hundreds of innovative companies that depend on the internet to create jobs and drive our regional economy.

Reputable research has found that applying antiquated regulations to the internet will jeopardize investment in our networks. As we move further in the direction of an Internet economy, we can’t afford to jeopardize the expansion and improvement of our networks. Unfortunately, our plight has fallen on deaf ears at the FCC.

In gathering with local leaders to discuss the impending vote with the WTIA and Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter, it’s clear that this decision will have a far-reaching impact on the future of our Internet economy. Now we know that the impact we can expect to see is one of restriction and regulation–slowing the speed of innovation and putting up roadblocks to investment and job creation.

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