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Tell Your Legislator to Keep Privacy Rules Simple and Streamlined

The Oregon Legislature’s Joint Ways and Means Committee is currently considering legislation that would only compound confusion over consumer privacy. HB 2813 would create an entirely new framework for how different companies handle consumer information that would be unique to Oregon. HB 2813 would also create regulatory conflicts that could have unintended consequences on the functionality of the Internet for consumers. Such policies will confuse consumers and over-complicate what should be a uniform national system.

Internet users’ privacy protections are the same today as they were a year ago; the same as they were the year before that. The resolution recently passed by Congress did not change privacy protections for broadband users. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have privacy policies that protect customer data consistent with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s privacy framework, covering transparency, consumer choice, security and data breach notifications.

The Federal Trade Commission has been the principal regulator of online privacy practices. It is only recently that the Federal Communications Commission asserted its authority to regulate the privacy practices of ISPs (but not content providers), thereby creating the “opportunity” for uneven protections of consumer privacy and conflicting regulation.  States establishing their own regulatory frameworks to the internet would compound the uncertainty and misinformation already caused by the conflict between dueling federal agencies.

You have the opportunity to ask your lawmakers to protect your privacy by voting “NO” on HB 2813.